Tuesday, September 21

World’s Largest Cruise Ship Docks in Montego Bay

On June 8th 2006 the Montego Bay Cruise Shipping Pier welcomed the world’s biggest cruise ship and close to 4000 passengers as the Freedom of the Sea makes it’s first stop in Jamaica on it’s maiden voyage with it’s last stop being the Cayman Islands and it’s next stop being Haiti before returning home to Miami.

The tourism capital was abuzz with activity as all the high profile and important players in Jamaica’s tourism industry turned out to view 1100 feet long mega-ship that is described as a floating luxury skyscraper. Passengers, crew, officials, and onlookers were treated to live entertainment as international megastars Shaggy, Brian and Tony Gold kept the legendary Jamaican vibe alive.

It was announced that the cruise ship will be visiting Jamaica’s tourism capital every Thursday as it makes in the usual weekly tour of the Caribbean. This is good news for the tourism industry which is already experiencing a boom and with thousands of visitors stepping off one ship alone every week that must be good news for the economy which depends on tourism for foreign exchange.

If you want to go on a cruise yourself but don’t feel like you want to go on something as big as this mega-ship, there are small ship cruises available for those who admire a more subdued vacation, with targeted trips where you can choose which area you would like to go to, whether that be China, Italy, Africa, etc. there are many to choose from for a relaxing and scenic vacation.

Before the Freedom of the seas set sail the title of the largest cruise ship was held by the European ship Queen Mary 2.