Featured Website: Top5Jamaica.com

Launched in November 1998, Top5Jamaica.com is Jamaica’s most popular search portal. It lists Jamaica-related websites in various categories including, News and Information, Society and Culture, Arts and Entertainment, Community and more. Owners of Jamaica-related websites can submit to Top5Jamaica.com for free; to speed up the process of a site being listed, Top5Jamaica.Com offers an inexpensive Express Inclusion service. This will guarantee inclusion within two business days.

From 2000 to 2004, Top5Jamaica staged the first and only Web Award & popularity competition for Jamaican websites. The concept was simple – for approximately one month, anyone, anywhere in the World with access to the Internet could log on to Top5Jamaica.Com in order to vote for (nominate) their favourite Jamaican website. Only one vote per unique and active email address was permitted. At the end of the voting period, the site with highest number of overall votes was declared the winner of the Top5Jamaica.com Surfer’s Choice Award.

Top5Jamaica’s Surfer’s Choice Awards have always generated a tremendous buzz in Jamaica’s online community, as Site Owners and their following of loyal visitors have always pulled out all stops in order to solicit votes. For 2005, Top5Jamaica put the Surfer’s Choice aside for a retooling and rebuilding hiatus, but it will be back, bigger and better, at the end of 2006.

The Top5Network

Top5Jamaica.Com is actually the flagship site for a growing network of local, regional and international websites which are not limited to websites with the “Top5” mantra. In addition to Top5Jamaica.Com, the Top5Network currently includes:

  • Top5Trinidad.Com, a search portal that is specific to the twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago
  • JamaicanJokes.Com, a joke/humor website that is specific to Jamaica and Jamaicans
  • PicturesFromJamaica.Com, a photo blog featuring authentic photos that showcase all aspects of life in Jamaica

Top5Jamaica.Com’s Near Future

On the immediate horizon, there are many interesting things in store for Top5Jamaica – (1) The site’s design has not been changed since 2002, however, sometime over this upcoming Summer period, a new look, feel and design will unfold at Top5Jamaica.Com. (2) There will be new features (including many new categories and better organization of the site listings within categories), and there will be a few new concepts as well. (3) There will be a lot more offline marketing and promotions efforts, especially in Jamaica itself where widespread Internet availability and usage is happening slowly but surely.

Top5Jamaica.Com’s Distant Future

To continue being the best online resource for finding any and every Jamaica-related website in existence.