Second Annual Small Business Expo

The second annual staging of the well supported Small Business Expo by the Jamaica Business Development Corporation was held today at the Hilton Ballroom in Kingston. The expo is aimed at micro and small business owners especially entrepreneurs and takes an even more important role in this curent fragile global economic climate.


This year’s expo was held under the theme under the theme Your Business, Our Business … How can we help you?” and interested personas indending to start a business or improve an existing one had a weath of information and assistance available.

A separate section of the ballroom had a well supported
seminar that went on all day with various presentations

There was a visible increase in the number of booths and the quality of this year’s expo over the one held last year. Companies or organizations with booths included the Technology Inovation Center, Jamaica Wellness Cluster, COK, OBF Finance, NCB, the Tax Administration, the Companies Office of Jamaica, Jamaica Customs Dept and many others.

As part of the expo, a number of financial seminars took place, with experts from the finance sector sharing tips on everything from managing your personal finances, to marketing strategies for financial advisors.

Ultimately, business development is a hugely important part of being a financial advisor. After all, it is no secret that more business equals a better bottom line, be it clear in the sales forecast or through other datasets. There are always more accounts to secure, more referrals to ask for, and more new clients to prospect. It can help to reduce any confusion, and businesses should put this at the top of their list when it comes to setting up your business.

A business that has their financials in order can thrive better in this type of climate, they are aware of what their input and output is each fiscal year and can mould their business to fit in with their limitations and see how else they can proceed. Using an accountant company such as can help businesses manage their money better without the worry of overspending. Business development is always the goal in a companies plan, they want to be able to broaden their market and see where they could potentially be in the future. You can also use companies such as Qualtrics to help find data about your customers because to build outstanding products and services, you need a thorough understanding of who they are.

Correspondingly, if you need to expand your marketing efforts, it might be time to think outside the box and explore some less traditional ways of business development. These strategies include the use of the internet, showing clients you care, and learning from your colleagues.

You can learn more about some of the most popular marketing strategies for financial advisors by checking out some of the useful resources on the LeadJig website. Needless to say, expo attendees left with a wealth of knowledge and plenty of financial and marketing insights and inspiration.

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