Online Exhibit on Sam Sharpe Rebellion

The National Library of Jamaica is now displaying an online exhibit on it’s website showcasing books, photographs, maps, official documents, prints, newspapers and more related to the Sam Sharpe Rebellion of 1831. The exhibit on the Sam Sharp Rebellion Rebellion along with exhibits of the Morant Bay Rebellion of 1865 and the 1938 Labour Riots all form part of the “Jamaica Unshackled” online exhibit.

To view the online exhibit please navigate the website of the National Library of Jamaica which is located at and click on the “Online Exhibits” button to see a list of the exhibits current being displayed and accessible to the public over the internet.

About the National Library

The National Library of Jamaica was established in 1979 under the Institute of Jamaica Act of 1978. It originated from the collection of the West India Reference Library (WIRL) which was founded in 1894 as a section of the Public Library of the Institute of Jamaica. This public library was the first of its kind in Jamaica.