Sunday, September 26

REDJet Approved to fly in Jamaica

Approval has been granted by the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority for Airone Ventures Limited, which trades as REDjet, to commence operations in the Jamaican market. This was disclosed by Minister of Transport and Works, Hon. Michael Henry, at the sitting of the House of Representatives on July 19. Mr. Henry informed that for some time now REDjet has been signalling its interest in providing air services between Jamaica and other countries in the Caribbean.

“Within the context of an Open Skies aviation policy, their interest was welcomed as an opportunity for expanded air services for the benefit of the travelling public generally, and the Caribbean region,” the Transport Minister said.

He pointed out that the formal application from REDjet was submitted in March 2010 to the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority to provide services for a one-year period.

The Minister said that during the course of the processing of the application, various matters were raised that culminated with a meeting of the Ministers of Transport for Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago in June this year. At the meeting, which was held in Trinidad and Tobago on June 13, 2011, the matter of safety remained unresolved.

“Subsequently, the Flight Safety Department of the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority has satisfied itself regarding any safety concerns. The approval was granted for REDjet to commence its operations, which could be within the next six weeks,” Mr. Henry said.

He added that REDjet services will add economic value to the aviation sector, the travelling public and the wider Jamaican economy. Additionally, the Normal Manley International Airport will gain from the aircraft operations, in light of the withdrawal of Virgin Atlantic. Jamaica is a great place to visit, but with restricted airline visits, it makes it a tricky place to travel to. However, with REDjet opening for transport, we imagine more airports will be offering discounted parking, similar to that available at, to take advantage of the new airline offering transport to Jamaica.

“The travelling public will welcome and has indeed been clamouring for the added air service options within the region, with benefits in terms of frequency and value. As we move forward with efforts to further develop and expand our air service operations and services to meet the needs and surpass the challenges of the future, we do so with commitment to quality, equity and openness,” Mr. Henry said.

Source – JIS