Prince Charles to Rebuild Trenchtown

Prince Charles has been recently fulfilling his role as a royal humanitarian. The British prince recently announced additional humanitarian work he has in sight – to unveil plans to rejuvenate a Jamaican ghetto. The Prince’s Foundation – Charles’ architectural charity – plans to redevelop part of Trenchtown, home to reggae legend Bob Marley.

The rundown concrete high-rise buildings, which have become overrun by gunmen, will be replaced with traditional lime-washed bungalows and palm tree-lined streets.

Since Marley’s death in 1981, the area has become overrun by political gang violence and rising unemployment. New homes will be provided for 3,000 people and the scheme will be officially announced later this month.

The Jamaican government is expected to provide $3 million for the scheme.

The Prince of Wales is well-known for his extensive charity work, particularly for the Prince’s Trust. He also carries out a full schedule of royal duties and, increasingly, is taking on more royal roles from his ageing parents. The Prince is also well known for his marriages to the late Lady Diana Spencer and, subsequently, to Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall.