Postal Service to be Modernized

The Post Office Act of 1941 established the Jamaican Postal Service as the authority for all mail communications within Jamaica. Since then the many changes and updates in the postal system has occurred especially in a increasing globalized economy.


The Government of Jamaica is currently in the process of amending the Post Office legislation, to better enable the Post and Telecommunications Department to meet these changes and create a more efficient and effective postal system and related services.

One way the postal service is improving globally not just regionally is with using an online remailing service. Instead of having to go to a place to pick up your mail, you get it delivered to you either electronically or physically.

Other planned improvements include better accessibility to bill payment kiosks within post office stores. While it may seem like the whole world is moving toward online transactions, many consumers still prefer the convenience and immediacy of in-person bill payments.

A surprising number of civilians are unbanked or underbanked, meaning that they use alternative financial services outside of the banking system, and therefore it is vital that these people are able to transfer money and pay bills in a quick, easy, and efficient way. Consequently, it is expected that each post office facility will install at least one new payment kiosk in accordance with local demand.

Ultimately, payment kiosks mirror the experience that most consumers are familiar with at ATMs, facilitating on-demand bill payments. Furthermore, automated self-service payment kiosks can be a useful tool in offering a broad range of options to customers, no matter how they prefer to pay. Other planned improvements will be announced in the coming days.