Peter Tosh – The Baddest

Peter Tosh is one of many famous Jamaican reggae artists’ known to have the world clamoring for his music. Born Hubert Winston McIntosh on October 19, 1944 in Grange Hill Westmoreland, this extremely talented individual began playing music in his childhood days to earn a few shilling.

After moving to Trench Town during his teenage years, he joined forces with the likes of Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer to form a band called The Wailers. They released hits such as “Simmer Down” and later released their debut album “Catch a Fire” which took the world by storm.

However, leaving the Wailers Tosh went on to produce and write songs that garner international fame and recognition. Performing at the One Love Peace Concert, Peter gave a lecture on the legalization of ganja with then Prime Minister Michael Manley and Opposition Leader Edward Seaga in attendance. This performance grab the attention of Mick Jagger who signed Peter Tosh to the Rolling Stones recording label.One of Peter’s hits “Don’t Look Back” featuring Mick Jagger which led to more international exposure and with this collaboration led to an appearance on Saturday Night Live. He also appeared as the opening act for Rolling Stones on their US Tour.

His influence in the Reggae Industry is second to none; his revolutionary attitude in his music continues to influence artists today. He left us a catalogue of lyrics and songs that will forever live on in the musical history of Jamaica.


  • Legalize It (1976)
  • Equal Rights (1977)
  • Bush Doctor (1978)
  • Mystic Man (1979)
  • Wanted Dread And Alive (1981)
  • Mama Africa (1983)
  • Captured Live (1984)
  • No Nuclear War (1987)