Peace Corps Happy to Serve Jamaica

Since 1962 about 35000 America’s Peace Corps have volunteered their time to Jamaica and it’s people. At the 48th anniversary rally of the US Peace Corps, held at Freedom Plaza, in downtown Washington, D.C. their president Kevin Quigley hailed Jamaica as a very hospitable and welcoming country with friendly people. Mr. Quigley continues saying “We are proud of the work that our volunteers perform in Jamaica and around the world. We are also proud of the way they are accepted and treated by Jamaicans in Jamaica. As long as the Jamaican people want Peace Corps volunteers, we are ready to serve you. The Peace Corps programme is a partnership between the US Government and the Government of Jamaica, which we will continue and honour for years to come.”


Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States, Anthony Johnson responded by saying “The US Peace Corps has been a tremendous source of good throughout the world,” noting that Jamaica has benefited tremendously from the volunteers in a number of areas. Mr Johnson continued by lauding the founders of the National Peace Corps movement and highlighted former US President, John F Kennedy, who signed the executive order that got the movement started and made into law.

About the Peace Corps

The Peace Corps is a government organization based in the United States that sends American volunteers to various countries world on two year stints, to work with governments, schools, non-profit organizations, non-government organizations, and entrepreneurs in the areas of education, business, information technology, agriculture, and the environment.

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