Monday, September 20

NHT Contributions Refund Info 2018

The National Housing Trust (NHT) is now accepting applications refunds for the year 2010 in 2018. Refunds can be acquired via the following options.

  • Through an account held in your name, in any Jamaican commercial bank
  • Through the NCB Prepaid Keycard
  • JMMB Money Transfer*
  • JN Money Transfer Services (JNMTS) *
  • Victoria Mutual Money Transfer Services (VMMTS) *

*Please note that contributors opting to receive refunds via JMMB Money Transfer, JN Money Transfer and Victoria Mutual Money Transfer Services will be required to pay a transaction fee to the agency when collecting their funds if payment is in excess of $500.00, as follows:

  • JMMB Money Transfer – J$ 165.00
  • JN Money Transfer Services – J$ 300.00
  • VM Money Transfer Services – J$160.00

The application process can be done online by visiting and following the on-screen instructions.