New Missionaries of the Poor Clinic

A new health clinic has been opened in the East Queen Street area of downtown Kingston to cater to the needs of the inner city residents. The building, situated at the corner of High Holborn Street once housed a similar facility. It was donated to the charity group, Missionaries of the Poor, and was subsequently renovated by the Brothers into a new clinic.

The facility houses three consultation rooms, a prayer room and a small chapel which will be used for counseling and for patients who wish to pray while waiting to see the doctor. There is also a doctors’ lounge, a registration area and seven bathrooms.

About Missionaries of the Poor

The Missionaries of the Poor (MOP) was founded by Father Richard Ho Lung, a Catholic priest, in 1981, in Kingston, Jamaica. Father Ho Lung ventured into the depressed community in Kingston Jamaica, and listened and shared the struggles of the people. Their headquarters is in Kingston, where they presently maintain five large homes for destitute persons, including abandoned sick, disabled, or dying men, women, infants, and children. The Brothers also perform charitable work in India, the Philippines, Haiti and Uganda. For more information about the Missionaries of the Poor visit their official website at

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