Wednesday, October 20

Logos Hope Coming to Kingston

Logos Hope is operated by Operation Mobilisation which is an Evangelical Christian organization founded by George Verwer. The OM ships visit port cities throughout the world, supplying literature, encouraging cross-cultural understanding, training young people for ‘more effective life and service’, providing relief and sharing a message of hope in God wherever there is opportunity.

The Logos Hope has been in Montego bay since January 20th and will travel to Kingston where it will be docked at the  Caribbean Cement Company at Rockfort from February 17th – March 23rd 2010.

Jamaicans are invited to visit the ship to purchase books that  cover a wide range of subjects, such as science, sports, hobbies, cookery, the arts, philosophy, medicine and children’s books, as well as faith and life. The books have been carefully chosen to be of interest to every member of the family, and with the educational, social and moral needs of the local community in mind. Books are on offer at a fraction of their retail value, while in certain ports, books are also donated.

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