Labour Day 2010 activities and theme

Labour day is a national holiday in Jamaica that while it has it’s roots in the labour rebellion in 1938 that helped Jamaica achieve independence has evolved over the years to be a day for showcasing the importance of labour to the development of Jamaica, and a day of voluntary community participation to beneficial projects. This year, Labour Day falls on Sunday, 23rd May, however, in keeping with regulations regarding the observance of Public Holidays, Labour Day will be observed on May 24.

Labour Day 2010 Slogan and Focus

The slogan for Labour Day 2010 is “Our Children…show them we Care.” Jamaicans are urged to go out and take part in community projects as we focus our efforts on the mental and social development of children – mentoring, teaching and other forms of intervention.

More information about Labour Day 2010 including registered projects and news can be found on a special Labour Day 2010 section of the Jamaica Information Service Website.