Junior Gong Wins Second Grammy

Damian “Junior Gong” Marley was in a celebratory mood when seen just hours after winning the award for best reggae album at the 48th annual Grammy Awards. His winning album, Welcome to Jamrock is a Tuff Gong/Universal Music compilation that follows along his usual conscious path while highlighting issues being faced by the poor in Jamaica. Junior Gong is no stranger to grammy nominations or winning as he won the same grammy in 2002 for his Motown released half Way Tree.

Junior Gong faced tuff challenges in the reggae album category, the other nominees were;


Our Music
Burning Spear

Black Gold & Green
Third World

The Trinity
Sean Paul

JamaicaPage.com congratulates Damian on his grammy win and salutes Damian for a excellent and deep album that focuses on real issues, an album which is worthy of accolades.