JTB in Social Media Push

Underscoring its leadership position as a tourism innovator, the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) is making major strides in the digital media arena. Earlier this year, the JTB launched an intense social media campaign to secure the destination’s footprint on key platforms that include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and blogs. Street teams have also been put into action, blogging about the destination, posting comments on message boards, and tweeting about Jamaica’s latest news, events, tourism offerings and more.

“The media landscape is continuously changing, and the Jamaica Tourist Board saw the importance of incorporating these digital media platforms into its marketing efforts,” said Jamaica’s Director of Tourism John Lynch. “Using social media channels, we have initiated two-way dialogue with Jamaicans, Jamaican Diaspora, visitors and potential visitors. We are able to address their positive feedback as well as their concerns in real time, while also sharing information on our tourism product, culture and heritage.”

Jon Baker, Founder and CEO, Geejam Media, commented: “The JTB has been much more aggressive than many of its competitors in the implementation of its social media strategy, and we are happy to support this effort. Jamaica has indeed positioned itself as a leading destination that is using social media to build lasting relationships with consumers. Social media campaigns can be highly effective, as seen in this case. It may even be found that if an instagram scheduler is used results may be even more positive, as engaging and relevant content is regularly being posted to ensure the target audience is engaged. If you feel inspired by the impact the Jamaica Tourist Board have received from their online marketing, you could also try advertising through social media. There should be various pr agencies local to you who could assist you with online marketing, whether you’re using a company in Jamaica or in America. If your business is located in the Philippines, you might want to consider using https://www.ngpimc.com for example. The utilization of social media to promote Destination Jamaica reinforces its distinct brand elements in the marketplace.”

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