Jonkunnu Festival 2008 Christmas Dance

The annual Jonkunnu Festival and Christmas Brunch is a very popular event where performers and patrons from all over the island and even some from overseas converge on the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre for a day of good clean fun and excitement.

About Jonkunnu Festival

“Jonkunnu” is a Jamaican street festival characterized by costumed dancers, performing mimed dance moves accompanied by music. Jonkunnu has it roots in West Africa and was transferred to Jamaica by slaves who used their only 3 days off during the year Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day to celebrate and stay connected to their roots. Jonkunnu has been influenced over the years by various cultures but in Jamaica it remains an important cultural expression celebrated at the end of the year just before Christmas.

The 2008 staging if the Jonkunnu Festival and Christmas brunch will be once again held at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre and begins at 12 noon.