Wednesday, October 20

Japan contributes to the building peanut processing plant

The Japanese government on Thursday donated US$99,000 (approximately J$7million) to the Jamaica 4-H Club for the development of a peanut-processing plant at Warminster in St Elizabeth.

Japan’s ambassador to Jamaica, Masahiro Obata, said that one of the major initiatives in the transition of any economy is the development of the small and micro enterprises sector (SMEs).

Masahiro Obata“I do believe that my country’s decision to contribute to forward integration of the agricultural sector in Jamaica is in sync with the Jamaica government’s priority; to put emphasis on valued-added products made from primary agricultural produce,” Obata said at Thursday’s handing over ceremony at the Japanese Embassy on Oxford Road.

“The contribution of SMEs in spurring economic growth is noted in many development literatures,” Obata added. “When this contribution is supplemented by training and ownership by the communities, what emerges is considered as the basic ingredient for a successful economy.” Obata said that Japan had some experience with the one village/one product concept, “where the community looks within its own resource pool to develop sustained livelihood”.

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