Wednesday, January 20

Jamaica recognizes World Diabetes Day 2008 with many Activities

The Diabetes Association of Jamaica will be busy doing its part to highlight and educate Jamaicans about Diabetes during National Diabetes Week which started November 9th 2008 and will culminate on World Diabetes Day on Friday November 14th 2008.

diabetes association of jamaica

Activities begin at 10:00 am with a function at the King’s Gate Prep School on Hillcrest Avenue in Kingston which features the Director of the Diabetes Association of Jamaica – Owen Bernard and continue to the graduation of footcare assistants at the Knutsford Court Hotel, a UWI medical students school activity and a health fair at the Wolmers Boys School.

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There will be various other activities all over the island aiming to promote awareness of Diabetes as about 450,000 Jamaicans or about 18% of the population are infected with the condition half of which are not even aware.

Diabetes Association of Jamaica
World Diabetes Day