Tuesday, September 21

Jamaica wins Caribbean Islands Swimming Championships

The Caribbean Island Swimming Championships is a two year aquatic sports competition organized by the Central American and Caribbean Swimming Federation. The 2008 staging of the event took place from July 17-23 at the National Stadium Pool in Kingston. The Championships feature competitions in swimming, synchronized swimming and water polo.

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Results and Medals

Jamaica finished ahead in the overall points standing with l048.5 points ahead of Trinidad and Tobago 981 points and Aruba 884.5 points. Jamaica finished second overall in the water polo and swimming events and third in the synchronized swimming events. The Jamaican team walked away with 46 medals; 11 gold, 15 silver and 20 bronze medals.

The highlight of the championship came on the final day when Kendese Nangle made Jamaica proud with record swim in the girls’ 13-14 100m backstroke in 1:08.19 erasing a 14 year old record at the meet and setting a national record in that agegroup in the process.