Jamaica Independence Grand Gala Return

Jamaica’s 46th Independence Day Celebrations will see the return of the colourful and exciting  Jamaica Festival Float Parade and Jamaica Independence Grand Gala on Wednesday, August 6. The parade, which will include 30 sports cars, 20 classic cars, 10 floats and four (disco) music trucks, will exit the main gate of King’s House at 10:00 a.m. The procession will then continue up Lady Musgrave Road, and down Old Hope Road.

The convoy will proceed on to Tom Redcam Avenue, and continue on to Camp Road, then around to Marescaux Road, and from there to East Street, through to North Street, then on to South Camp Road.

The procession will continue towards Victoria Avenue and on to East Queen Street, around to Parade Square. Participants will then go up Orange Street, then to Torrington Bridge, past Slipe Road, back to Old Hope Road and Matilda’s Corner, continuing to Hope Road.

The float will proceed towards the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre, where persons will assemble for the main parade, which should begin at 1:00 p.m. There, the group will be joined by revellers and two live music trucks.

Persons will travel from the Centre, down Hope Road to Half-Way-Tree Square, and down Half-Way-Tree Road to Oxford Road, across to Tom Redcam Drive, then go on towards the intersection of Arthur Wint Drive and Roosevelt Avenue, where the parade ends.

All revellers will then proceed to the National Arena for refreshments. Those taking part in the Grand Gala will be ushered to the East Field holding area.

The floats and the two live music trucks will turn left on Roosevelt Avenue and return to base at West King’s House lawns. The four (disco) music trucks, however, will be stationed at various points across the Independence Park compound and will remain there providing music until midnight.

Source – Jamaica Information Service