Saturday, September 25

Jamaica Celebrates 50 Years of Independence

Forty nine years ago, we respectfully lowered the Union Jack and proudly raised our own Black, Green and Gold flag as a representation of our first step into the world as a fledgling nation. With confidence and vigour we embraced Independence and embarked upon a journey that has taken us to where we are now – one year shy of our Golden Jubilee.

Our sojourn has been a mixture of great achievements and disappointing setbacks; and while we recognise and celebrate the event of Independence as occurred on August 6, 1962, we acknowledge it in a real sense, as a process through which our country evolves towards the building of a nation. Emancipation and the event of Independence were highlights on that continuum. Much of that process has been an experience of struggle and triumph, and for that we duly recognise and laud our National Heroes and other great nation builders. We remember the fight for freedom from our captors; and later, the struggle to secure the basic rights of our people including adult suffrage and the right of workers to representation and collective bargaining.

Today we can claim our birthright and take our place among the great nations of the world, for great indeed we are. Our sportsmen and sportswomen, cultural and musical ambassadors, and scholars, have earned us international admiration and in these endeavours Jamaica stands head and shoulders above larger nations. And we never cease to show the world what we are made of, as we continue to blaze a trail of success and achievement.

We move forward boldly to achieve Vision 2030 Jamaica, our National Development ‘roadmap’ for making Jamaica “the place of choice to live, work, raise families and do business”.

We remain steadfast in pride and courage as we move towards attaining the dream of our founding fathers – happiness, peace and prosperity for Jamaicans.

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