JET Beach Clean Up 2010 Information

All year long, organizations and individuals across the globe take part in Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup to remove trash and debris from the world’s beaches and waterways, identify the sources of that debris, and change the behaviors that allow it to reach the ocean in the first place.

During the amazing signature event each September, hundreds of thousands of volunteers from countries all over the world spend a day picking up everything from cigarette butts and food wrappers to lost fishing nets and major appliances. Because trash travels to the ocean by way of storm drains and waterways, they don’t just work along ocean beaches; these dedicated folks slog through mud and sand along lakes, streams, and rivers, too, often working far inland.

The Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) will be participating in International Coastal Clean Up Day 2010 (Beach Clean Up) on September 25th, 2010. Click here to visit the JET website at for information and a listing of the various beach clean-up drives islandwide. Join in and participate!

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