Tuesday, September 21

ISSA Jamaica Boys’ & Girls’ Champs 2006

The just concluded Issa/Vmbs boys’ and girls’ athletic championships has been one of the most exciting championships in years. The event was incident free and the security personnel employed was a practice for the upcoming Cricket World Cup 2007 to be staged at Sabina Park.

Kingston College and Holmwood Technical went into the championship as run away favourites to retake their respective boys’ and girls’ titles. The female section of the champions saw Holmwood coming from behind after trailing for 3 days to overtake Vere Technical on Saturday afternoon to reclaim their title. The boys’ side it was very different as the lead was shared between Wolmers, Calabar and KC throughout the days of competition. Midway through the final day the points war started between KC and Calabar and intensified even further with each race.

When the smoke cleared the North Street based boys eventually came out slightly on top to win their 6th straight championship and 30th overall.