Internet Usage in Jamaica Rising Fast

The internet has now been around for many decades and its advancements are spectacular. It can connect people who are across the world or in the same room. It has pretty much taken over the world, with most businesses and homes needed it to survive, whether that be to work, stream their favorite TV shows, or online shop, amongst so many other things too. To be able to surf the web, most need the best internet in Filer, ID, or wherever they live, so that they have a strong connection and their time on the internet is not disrupted.

As an Island, you may not think that the internet is as prominent, but that’s certainly not the case. Hotels, restaurants, and entertainment locations will often require an internet presence so that tourists can book to use them online, or even just check them out. Home and schools also need an internet connection so that island residents can communicate with one another without actually being near one another.

Various internet usage, broadband, information technology, and telecommunications reports all show that Jamaica is enjoying a boom in internet growth. Competition between internet service providers, the recent introduction of fibre optic technology and a saturated cellular phone market has continued to stimulate the market.


Map of Jamaica

Jamaica has over 300 thousand landlines and 2.5 million cellphone users. About half of Jamaica’s population of 2.8 million people have access to the internet at home, at work, at school or through their mobile phones which is one of the highest in the region.

Access to the internet is quickly spreading out from urban centers such and Kingston, Spanish Town and Montego Bay and becoming more accessible in the interior and more rural areas of the island.