Ian Fleming International Airport Opens

Jamaica now officially has three international airports. The new Ian Fleming International Airport, opened on 12 January 2011, after completing an extensive expansion and renovation project. Formerly known as Boscobel Aerodrome, the Ian Fleming International Airport has undergonea $300 million upgrade scheme to make it capable of handling private jets and other small commercial aircrafts that you may see if you were to click here to browse Jettly or other similar private charters.

The renovated airport now features parking space for six international aircrafts with a maximum wingspan of 55ft and maximum length of 65ft, as well as three small domestic planes. The facility has one runway featuring an asphalt surface and measures 5,000ft by 80ft.

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Ian Fleming International also features a passenger lounge, pilot briefing room and customs and immigration points. The airport features a modern terminal, landing lights, fire truck garage and a fuelling station. Passenger amenities include customs and immigration services, a passenger lounge, and pilot briefing rooms.

The airport provides service both to the United States and other Caribbean islands. The airport is named for Ian Fleming, the creator of the James Bond novels, whose Goldeneye estate is located in the parish of St Mary. This facility is located approximately 10 km west of the resort town of the touristresort of Ocho Rios, in northern Jamaica.