Tuesday, September 21

Future GSAT Results going Online

The Ministry of Education intends to make the results of the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) available on the internet by next year. This was announced by portfolio Minister, Hon. Andrew Holness, at a press conference held at his National Heroes Circle offices on Tuesday (June 21) to announce the outcome of the examination.

He explained that releasing the results on the web was a more convenient and efficient method of dissemination. Parents will be able to use the unique identification number and pass code assigned to each child to access the information.

“They would be able to log on to the website that we will prepare and be able to access the results… and it’s a far more efficient way of releasing national results,” he said.

He informed that while the electronic format will become the chief method of releasing the results, they will also be available in paper form at the schools, in case of glitches.

To ensure the smooth implementation, the Minister is encouraging parents to ensure that their children in primary school are registered under the national student registry. “So, we are encouraging parents to participate (and) fill out those registration forms; it makes the processing much easier,” he stated.

Under the national registry, children are documented at their first point of entry into the formal school system and are assigned a unique identification number, which allows the Ministry to track their progress.

GSAT forms part of the National Assessment Programme (NAP), which is aimed at determining how students are learning at key stages throughout the primary level and their readiness to access secondary level education.

The examination, taken in grade six, is used to place students in secondary school by ranking their overall performance in all subject areas tested.

Source – JIS