Saturday, January 23

Frontline World features Alpha Boys

Frontline World a the multi award winning television program broadcast on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and streamed online. In a recent program Frontline was on location in Jamaica and featured the Alpha Boys School in Kingston.

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Jamaica: The Alpha Boys

As a music writer, Jamaica has always been one of the places I felt I had to visit. I love reggae, rocksteady, and ska. And who doesn’t love Bob Marley? But I didn’t want my love of the music to be the sole reason to visit the island, like those rock fans that traipse blindly past the gravestones of France’s cultural greats in Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris just to pray at the place Jim Morrison is buried. I wanted to find a story that spoke to Jamaica’s musical wealth — past, present and future — while still describing what it means to live on the island today…Read more

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