Fi Wi Sinting 2010 Information

Fi Wi Sinting the largest African History Month event in Jamaica will be celebrating its 20th anniversary on Sunday February 14, 2010 from 10A.M – 8 P.M. The venue, Somerset Falls in Hope Bay, Portland, world known for its lush vegetation, exotic flora, tranquility, ambiance and cascading waterfalls is the ideal setting for this family event. Admission J$500 Children $200.

With the venue transformed into a huge Market Place, representative of Jamaican/African culture featuring exquisite garments, books, jewelry and craft, as with any market it is abuzz with activities throughout the day.

Dine on traditional food such as dookunu brought from Ghana with the same name, puddings, fried fish and bammy or vegetarian from raw to ital. You are invited to dance to the rhythms of the Kumina drums brought to our shores from the Congo, the Mento band our own indigenous folk music, let loose at the African Dance Party hosted by Mutabaruka with his vast repertoire of rhythms from the continent, participate in Nyabinghi chanting with Rastafarians or join the children as they playfully follow closely behind the Jonkunoo band with its main character Pitchy Patchy which traveled with us from West Africa.

The spoken word is expressed through ourstories of that cunning spider Ananse also from West Africa as told by Story teller extraordinaire Amina Blackwood-Meeks along with resident Poets Royal African Soldiers and their friends and in an Open Mike segment where participants are free to express themselves. Each year there is a Main Attraction and at sunset patrons are invited to gather, where homage is paid to the ancestors and offerings are placed on the Ancestral Raft before it is sent floating into the Caribbean Sea.

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