Featured Website: RepJa.com

The RepJA team of talented designers gave birth to the unique design style, molded from the flare of reggae music and the dancehall culture and the now popular retro punk rock attitude.

RepJA (Rep-Jay-A) clothing is completely in a league of their own.

RepJA clothing is inspired by some of the Caribbean’s hottest dancehall songs, native words, and widespread phrases. Phrases such as “sell off”, “tek weh yuself”,“Badman Forward, Badman Pull-up”,“Wacky Pose” ,“Raging Bull”, “Goodas Fi Dem”, and many more. RepJA’s clothing is vibrant, youthful, expressive, and full of urban island flavor.

RepJA.com strives to put forth our best representation; of the colorful culture the talawa island of Jamaica and the Caribbean in general. We keep up to date with the slangs and dance moves as they are mass produced and exported from the islands to the rest of the world. Our goal as young Entrepreneurs is to allow all people to see our island as more than the beautiful land of wood and water, but a Mecca for fashion, trend setting, great music, and dance moves that will give anyone a rigorous cardio work out. The designs reflect the flavorful melting pot of the Caribbean, boasting vibrant colors and popular poses you might have seen in the dancehall.

RepJA.com is currently based online and plans to distribute our products to trendy establishments close to you in the near future.

We hope our pride in Jamaica and the Caribbean is evident in our designs, REPJA! Put on yuh Accent.