Tuesday, September 21

Falmouth to Welcome First Cruise Ship

January 2011 will bring the first of many cruise ships to the 32-acre, two-berth Historic Falmouth Cruise Port as the Navigator of the Seas arrives on January 7. The Port is a US$220 million project under development by Royal Caribbean Limited (RCCL) in partnership with the Port Authority of Jamaica (PAJ) for the berthing of the cruise line’s Genesis class ship, the newest and largest class of cruise ships. Historic Falmouth will offer visitors a new port experience, featuring walking tours of the 240-year-old town. Additionally, passengers will have access to 60 attractions in the surrounding area and in nearby Ocho Rios and Montego Bay.

“Historic Falmouth is the first cruise port to become an attraction in its own right, and is poised to transform the town into a host city for Jamaica’s growing cruise industry,” said Jamaica’s Director of Tourism John Lynch. “Smart planning and superior berthing capabilities will attract an increased number of large vessels, and will significantly boost visitor arrivals. Historic Falmouth Port will additionally showcase Jamaica’s diverse range of attractions.”

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