Falmouth Port’s Importance Highlighted

Chairperson of the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo), Maxine Henry-Wilson, has emphasised that the Falmouth Port, in Trelawny is a natural economic asset, attracting thousands of overseas visitors, and members of the community must protect the facility. “The port won several awards recently, and last year about 500,000 persons came to that port. Trelawny is on the map again, you have a natural asset – a port which allows you to provide for the world,” she told students of the Muschett High School, in Trelawny, at their Career Expo, held on April 27.

Mrs. Henry-Wilson, also a former Education Minister, said that persons must be trained to work at the port, who are able to provide goods and services, so that people are entertained. “The most sustainable gift that you get, and the most sustainable opportunity that you will ever have is that of education. Nothing is going to make you more prepared for life, or is going to make you more able to adapt and survive as education,” she told the students.

She challenged the students to make use of their time at school by seizing the opportunity to get a good secondary education. “Education allows you to be able to embrace the changes that are taking place around you. You have an opportunity here through the technical and vocational subjects, and you need to use that. You are being prepared for a world of work which is what will make you sustainable as an individual, and you will earn an income and be able to sustain your community,” Mrs. Henry-Wilson said.

She underscored the need for the students and parents to see all the subjects taught at a technical and vocational institution as important. Several of the major tertiary institutions in the island displayed their educational offerings at the expo, while the school displayed items made by the students. Muschett High has a population of over 1,600 students. The Career Expo was held under the theme: ‘Sustainable Development for Nation Building Begins with You’.

Source – JIS