Saturday, September 25

Cuba Gives Energy Saving Bulbs to Jamaica

Thirty Cubans have been assigned to Jamaica to help with the distribution of 30,000 energy saving fluorescent bulbs donated by the Republic of Cuba to help the Jamaican government suppress the country’s growing energy bill.

Jamaica spends over us$1billion on energy alone each year, a figure that grows each year as oil prices get higher and more and more development takes place in Jamaica. Even though this is a bad thought for some, it can benefit other sectors who thrive when there is a surge in oil prices. Alongside this, anyone who has made an investment in oil, with the likes of EnergyFunders, may benefit from these high prices of oil, yet others may not. But if you conduct thorough research when it comes to finding the best way to invest in oil, you won’t go far wrong. You see, with these types of investments, they are increasingly likely to see various fluctuations because if the oil isn’t in demand, then there is no reason to have a high price for it. Ultimately, it just depends on the route you have gone down and the amount of research you have conducted. With that being said, the Commerce, Science and Technology minister Phillip Paulwell says that the initial shipment of energy saving bulbs will be distributed in his East Kingston and Port Royal constituency as the pilot project and further distributions will take place over the coming months throughout the island.

Replaced Incandescent light bulbs will be collected from householders and destroyed.