Tuesday, September 21

Cruise Ship Terminal Coming to Falmouth

Financing has been secured for the building of a large cruise ship terminal in Falmouth. The terminal which is expected to attract over 800,000 cruise ship visitors per year to the north coast of Jamaica is a major part of the Ministry of Tourism‘s plans to redefine Jamaica’s tourism product and allow the island to compete better with other regional destinations.


Royal Caribbean Cruises is a major investor in the project

The terminal will be the first in Jamaica’s northern region to accommodate even larger cruise ships than the ones that currently make frequent stopovers on the island and will create hundreds of jobs   during it’s construction and more after it is completed. The announcement comes as Jamaica struggles with a 15 per cent drop in cruise ship visitors. Some 551,000 passengers arrived from January through June 2009 compared to 646,000 arrivals during the same period last year, according to the Caribbean Tourism Organization.