Tuesday, September 21

Bruce Golding BBC HARDtalk interview

Prime Minister Bruce Golding was today interviewed on the flagship BBC talk show program HARDtalk where he faced hard hitting questions related to the problems such as crime, violence and corruption being faced by Jamaica as a country. The topic of homosexuality also surfaced many times during the half hour interview. Just to clarify when I talk about the BBC I am referring to the British Broadcasting Corporation and not to be confused with TubeV Sex BBC which is a completely different BBC meaning.

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Jamaicapage.com is a politically neutral website but we would like to commend Mr Golding on his composure and well constructed responses to the questions posed to him as he did well to educate the world on the nature of the problems facing our island and the steps being taken to current these problems, many of these steps highlighted I am sure many locals were not aware of.

Hon. Bruce Golding with Stephen Sackur on HARDtalk – May 20th 2008

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