Tuesday, September 29

Asafa Powell Introduces his Nike Zoom Aerofly

Asafa Powell may be having a hard time with the many drug tests he has endured so far in Beijing but Nike is ensuring that the feet of one of the fastest men on the planet are well taken care of for each sub 10 second clocking at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

nike zoom aerofly asafa powell

Nike has gone the extra mile to ensure that Powell’s Aerofly is customized just for him. The upper offers a finish rendered into a fading Jamaican flag-esque white-to-yellow-to-green with black cheetah-like the spots. Other attractions on the customized shoe include the image of the island of Jamaica, a speeding bullet, the likeness of one of his reggae music stars, a bass guitar (which Powell plays), a biblical verse (Philippians 4:13), a fast car, the names of his deceased brothers Vaun and Michael, the “MVP” ensignia for his track club, and an image of the globe.

Asafa Powell poses with his customized Nike Zoom Aerofly