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Jamaica is a blessed country, blessed with some of the most beautiful people, places, flora and fauna on the planet, but at times we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by the negativity that escapes these beautiful shores.

Jamaicapage.com’s Purpose 

Jamaicapage.com intends to bring the positives to the front as much as how the negatives are highlighted, yes we admit that there is a problem in Jamaica that needs urgent attention and we here at Jamaicapage.com will do our best to play our part in fighting the scourge of crime and violence running rampant in areas of our sacred homeland, but we will not allow ourselves to be depressed and weak by the negative elements that are around us.

We would like to create a positive place on the internet, providing positives, news, information and happenings on and in Jamaica to let everyone know of them. So if you are a Jamaican, living in Jamaica or abroad and even if you are just a lover of Jamaica and her wonderful culture, people and scenery we invite you to be a part of us here.

How You can Participate 

Join our message boards, browse through our image gallery, read about Jamaica, positive news, features and take part in activities and discussions that will slowly but surely stop the slide and begin the recovery process so that the hearts, minds and well being of our island nation’s inhabitants will be positive and overflowing with national pride.

The Jamaicapage.com Team

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