Tuesday, September 21

$5000 bill to be introduced in September

Update: $5000 bill now available

The Bank of Jamaica announced recently that a new $5000 note will be introduced in September of this year and become legal tender. The note will feature the image of the late Prime Minister of Jamaica Hugh Lawson Shearer who served in Jamaica’s highest office from April 1967 to March 1972. On the reverse of the note will be a stylized aerial view of Highway 2000.


Suggestions were made for the image of many famous Jamaicans such as the humanitarian Mary Seacole, cultural ambassador Miss Lou or internationally renowned reggae musician Bob Marley to be given the honour of appearing on the note. The BOJ however explained that according to current rules only late prime ministers and national heroes are eligible to be on Jamaica’s money.

Update: $5000 bill now available

Current currency

Paul Bogle (10 cents), Marcus Garvey (25 cents and $20), Alexander Bustamante ($1), Norman Manley ($5), George William Gordon ($10) Samuel Sharpe ($50), Donald Sangster ($100), Nanny of the Maroons ($500) and Michael Manley ($1,000) are the list of national heroes and late prime ministers currently represented on money in circulation as local currency.