Tuesday, September 21

New $5000 Bill Introduced

The new $5000 note bearing the image of late former Prime Minister, Hugh Shearer is the newest currency issued since the $1,000 went into circulation in April 2000. On the reverse of the note is a stylized aerial view of Highway 2000 and beautifulFrangipani blossoms. Two hundred thousand notes of the new $5,000 bill was put into circulation on day one.


Picture of new $5000 Bill

Security features

The note features many high tech security features with the main ones being a broad transparent thread through the middle of the bill that glows under  UV light and the image of the Jamaican nightingale in the background.

Current currency

Paul Bogle (10 cents), Marcus Garvey (25 cents and $20), Alexander Bustamante ($1), Norman Manley ($5), George William Gordon ($10) Samuel Sharpe ($50), Donald Sangster ($100), Nanny of the Maroons ($500) and Michael Manley ($1,000) are the list of National Heroes and late Prime Ministers currently represented on money in circulation as local currency.