2009 Festival Song Contest Winner

Winston Hussey is a happy man after winning the 2009 Festival Song Contest with his entry ‘Take Back Jamaica’ and taking home the $1 million dollar cash prize, a cellular phone from Digicel Jamaica Ltd, the Stages Records Trophy and a gift certificate from fashion house, Cooyah.

The competition was organized by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC). The winning entry will be a theme song for the 2009 Independence Celebrations. Entries should invoke a spirit of celebration, have international appeal and be relevant beyond the festive period.

2009 Festival Song Finalists and awards

  • Nathan – “The Vibes”
  • Chris Christy – “Jamrock Land of the King”
  • Oba Simba – “Pressure” – Most Disciplined Finalist
  • CC Blake – “Love A Little Island Yah”
  • Tinga Stewart – “Make the Best of Today”
  • Lester Lewis and Singing Rose – “Love You Jamaica”
  • Stacia – “Love Jamaica” – Most Improved
  • Winston Hussey – “Take Back Jamaica” – Winner
  • Calvin McFarlane – “Jamaica Nuff Niceness” – Best Performer
  • Pretty Rebel – “Persistent”

Biographies of 2009 Jamaica Festival Song Finalists