Usain Bolt featured in “I am Richard Branson” Virgin Media Commercial

There are loads of broadband companies out there, which is why things like Usave exist to help you find the best broadband deals out there. Obviously, a main broadband provider is Virgin Media. Virgin Media UK has kicked off a brand new media campaign and the man at the forfront of the blitz is non other than Richard Branson… no wait a minute Usain Bolt? It is Usain Bolt! It’s hilarious in a quirky kind of way and were’re loving it. I just hope the virgin Media customers (and potential customers) in the United Kingdom love it too! But, what’s there not to love, their broadband speed will be doubled starting next month! Full commecial embedded below:

Hi, I am Richard Branson and I am doubling everyone’s Broadband speed

I was taking the balloon for a ride the other day and got thinking: ‘These days, everyone’s doing more and more online. We all tweet, shop, play, video-chat, even watch HD movies.’

Then it hit me. ‘My customers already have the UK’s fastest broadband, but they’d get a lot more enjoyment out of it if I doubled their speeds.’

So that’s what I’m going to do for over 4 million Virgin Broadband customers. Because I can.

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